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Data Shows No Link Between Syrian Electronic Army and Iran

The Syrian Electronic Army is not receiving help from hacking groups linked to Iran, according to a firm that helps large Fortune 500 companies track emerging cyber threats. There’s been a considerable amount of speculation about whether the hacking group that recently attacked websites belonging to the U.S. Marine Corps and The New York Times is getting help from outside groups as it ramps up activity and its methodology improves. The firm, Recorded Future, uses publicly available online data, including government, news and social media sites, as well as sites visited by computer hackers, to predict the timing and targets of future cyberattacks.

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06 Sep
Jeff Kelly @jeffreyfkelly
#BigData to predict geopolitical risks RT Syrian Electronic Army Isn’t Coordinating with Iranian Hacking Groups http://t.co/ul1oGtU3Qq @WSJ
06 Sep
Roger Ehrenberg @infoarbitrage
Great insights in @WSJ on cyberthreats and the Syrian Electronic Army from @recordedfuture cc @iaventures http://t.co/Z5A67uaDt9